Nicola Rowsell


Hello. I’m Nicola, an illustrator who lives and works in Hastings.
I am experienced in following briefs, meeting deadlines and working on commissioned projects using both traditional and modern digital methods for creating black-and-white, monochrome or full-colour image files with a resolution of up to 600dpi for large formats.

I focus on creating believable characters that can effectively engage both adults and children. I achieve this by drawing from both real life and my imagination. Design underpins my illustrations and I enjoy designing with consideration of future applications for merchandise such as cards, ceramic decals, and patterns for paper and fabrics.

Apart from my love for creating images, I enjoy writing nonsensical and serious rhymes, and tiny tales. My main focus is to make people, especially children, laugh and I’m in the final stages of completing my book A Shark With No Teeth which is a collection of [mostly] nonsense poetry that I have written and illustrated. My studio life can be viewed on my Instagram account @nicolarowsellstudio

Eclectus Parrots and a Hopper

Illustrations for Birbfest 2024

Drawings of [left] a Crested Carabara and [right] a Curl-crested aracari

Drawing of a King Penguin

Illustrating Christmas – Bird and Christmas Tree

Drawing of a European Robin
Study of the centre of our family Christmas tree.

Illustrating The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2024

Drawing people on TV – scientists presenting the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2024.

Drawing – The Lives of Others

A study of Grace Dent’s memoir and pottery by three ceramicists;
@foskerben @riverclay_studio @nurse_potter

Screenprint – The Forest. An edition of ten original prints.

Illustration for an NHS trust’s Advanced Care Plan – a document that is currently being trialled

Monoprint – Dusk Fox

Drawings – Loulé Landscapes

Loulé, Algarve, Portugal. Colour pencils and primer on Kraft paper.


Drawing for illustrations – for text from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

#DrawdleDaily Drawdles for Epilepsy in Action and National Doodle Day

Ink drawing for my personal practice #DrawdleDaily. The sale of this drawing raised funds for Epilepsy in Action via National Doodle Day 2023.

Crops of illustrations from A Shark With No Teeth. A Book of [mostly] Nonsense Verse written and Illustrated by Nicola Rowsell

Monotype from A Gallery of Imaginary Insects

Oil-paint monotype of an imagined beetle – personal work.

Character drawings for fashion brand HandJones

Leopard character drawing commissioned by luxury menswear label Hand and Jones
Lion character drawing commissioned by luxury menswear label Hand and Jones

Artist-in-School partnership for art workshops designed in line with National Curriculum Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 units

Exhibition poster for show works created during art workshops commissioned by Cookham Rise Primary School for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils. The schools Artweek workshops were designed in line with the school’s National Curriculum topic; climate change and nature.
Page 1 of the school’s big book which is framed and installed on the school walls
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Exhibition of framed artwork
Books written and illustrated by the children

Commission – Don’t Blame the Fox

Creative writing and illustration for bespoke nonsense poem.

Illustration – Child’s Play

Children playing in the river, painted in the studio from studies made on location.

Drawing of deep jungle

Banana Forest [children’s book in progress] sketchbook pages.

Still life – Shells, Like Sweets

A Year in Fields – landscape studies through seasons

Summer Fields painted on location
Autumn Fields and Allotments painted on location
Winter Fields painted from memory in the studio -the original study that I made on location was washed away from the paper by snow

Location sketch – Deer Departed

Deer Departed a study of death from life painted on location.

Illustration – Of Dogs and Swans

Commissions – Waiting for the Storm and Heading to the Rock Pools

Commission Waiting for the Storm.
Commission Heading to the Rock Pools.

Drawing – Imagined Landscape

Sketchbook page.

Drawing landscapes – Polis beach and Polis Orange Orchard.

Polis Beach Cyprus. Painted on location.
The Orange Orchard, Cyprus. Painted on location.


Thank you for taking the time to view my website.

For the year 2024, I plan to continue my weekend classes in pottery and creative writing at Hastings College and learn more about creating my own digital brushes, and screen printing.

I have loved being with and working with children, whether my own children or others, in various settings such as schools, theatres, museums, and at home. Studying animals and nature is one of my passions, and I love to walk in woodlands and swim on a daily basis. I believe I have formed my artistic identity in these activities.

I share my supporting works and my artist practice on Instagram @nicolarowsellstudio