It’s been a busy year. I’ve moved to a bigger studio.

studio-new-2014This is my third studio move. It has been exhausting but great. Although I am still moving in, I feel very settled and happy.

I made a big, brave decision to stop freelancing part time as a frame designer for various businesses and start my own bespoke framing company,

This began with a simple request for help with framing from an artist in my first studio.  The demand for my framing design has slowly grown to the point that I now have my own machines, workshop and stock.

I have been designing my own moulding profiles and experimenting with my machines to find more excellent and efficient ways to produce framing. I co-work towards these goals with friends who have different but matched skills to my own.

Many of the artist’s I work with and for have asked me if I still have time for my own work. I have managed to keep my sketchbook work going while completing framing orders. Working as a collective is now beginning to enable me time to spend more time on my own work.

My framing design has enabled me to keep a studio, share a studio and put me more in touch with other artists. My studio is located within a thriving artist’s community in High Wycombe. I am one of scores of artist’s working in a rambling collection of old furniture factories. My neighbours are Angelika Studios, Studio 174, The Magpies, The Chalfont Press, The Ceramic Studios, The Old Factory Studios and Commercial Square Studios.The Curious Room Bespoke Framing& Artist's Services

Photographers, printmakers, painters, ceramicists, sculptors, jewellers, typesetters, mosaic designers and textile artists form this tasty soup of creativity.

Angelika Studios house their own tiny cinema, screening art films once a month and the Future Shorts festival.

They also run Modernist Coin Wash sessions, residencies, artist’s lunches and exchanges. I think they are quite fantastic.

So, here is where I am right now – maintaining a studio, working with my friends and aiming for excellence.

Its all good. And I love my new neighbours.


























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