Happy New Year, Projects, Ideas and Designs

This Autumn past several new frame designs were developed in The Curious Room. Included was this delicate tray frame for Jane Hansford’s tiny painting on a panel. This frame was hand sprayed with my newest paint colour ‘Fog’. Jane’s work can be viewed at St.Anne’s Galleries in Lewes, East Sussex










We donated a frame to support auction of this photograph by Stephen Gill in aid of the Syrian Refugee Crisis. The walnut frame was incredibly delicate with just 10mm width on the face. Spliced joints add extra strength. The frame was oiled and waxed. The glazing, anti-reflective and colour free looks invisible in the photograph. The artwork, as always was fitted inside the frame with Japanese hinges and wheat starch paste.









This painting on canvas by Lindall Pearce was raised, using a sub-frame and fitted to our super deep tray frame. The frame design gave the illusion of the canvas being very deep. This gave the whole piece weight without making it look heavy. The joints were spliced for strength. The frame, made of Poplar wood, was sanded very well and waxed for a natural finish.










One of my customers loves and collects Modern British Art and I really enjoy her visits as I also love work by post-war British artists. I framed this lino print by Robert Tavener in a simple all white curved frame. The hand sprayed finished was so smooth that it had the look of royal icing. More works by Robert Tavener can be viewed at Emma Mason Prints








How wonderful to frame a Michael Craig-Martin print, the artist who brought us glorious pink walls at last years Royal Academy Summer Show. I floated the print with Japanese hinges and made a box frame glazed with colour-free glass. This glass is reflective glass like regular glass but has a low iron content therefore it is crystal clear. The white of the paper was quite stark so I gave the customer two different white frames to take home to make sure we made the right choice for both the artwork and her interior. The frame was then hand sprayed using the perfect white selected from the Curious Room paint library.






The RWA’s Annual Open Exhibition

A3I love to visit Bristol for many reasons. This time I managed a visit to the RWA to see a work by Alun Crockford, an artist based at Commercial Square.

The framing, made by The Curious Room, is simple. Alun’s work is almost 130cm wide, so for ease of handling we glazed with acrylic, a material I am increasingly impressed with for it’s clearness and low reflection quality. The frame has been finished with our own colour, a matt off-black.



A2This Open Exhibition was impressive, much like the Royal Academy Summer Show in London (I loved the Summer Show this year) but smaller.

Very well curated.






The RWA hold many open exhibitions throughout the year for various A1

practices including photography, sculpture, drawing and printmaking.

More information here.














New. Custom Designed and Crafted Tray Frame.

s4w-chris-7s4w-chris-6s4w-chris-4s4w-chris-2s4w-chris-1s4w-3This tray frame, crafted in-house, is over two meters wide.

At sixty-five millimeters deep, this is our deepest tray moulding.

Initially, it was proving difficult to give an idea of the size of the piece in  photographs. I had to find a way to show the scale of the work.

My dog Basil was the perfect model.

He sat beautifully for the camera for quite a long time.






Matt Black Frame Design and Finish

These beautiful pastel crayon drawings have been framed with a all black design.

The dense colour and matt finish to all the materials give this traditional moulding profile a contemporary look.

Reflections are kept to a minimum by the choice of glass.

The frame has been joined with dowels for strength and spray finished by hand with a rich matt black colour.

New – Curious Room Curved Moulding Design

Marion-grey-box4This is the most delicate moulding profile I use for framing and I’m delighted to now offer it with different face widths, all with different curve radii.

It normally has a flat face but I felt that a curved profile would suit Marion Piper’s drawings.

I organized three samples each with different curve radii. Marion chose this one, the small curve.









Marion’s drawings have been float mounted to appear as they would naturally, as if being just put down on a surface.

The pale warm grey mount board, spacers and frame work together to create a quiet and seamless interior.








The framing has been completed with low iron glass and a spray finish to blend the mitres.

Fly on the Wall. Artists’ Studios at Commercial Square

Jeweller, Elizabeth Callinicos and silversmith, Lucian Taylor founded the inspiring Studio E174.






I loved taking these photos of their everyday workaday spaces. Charming, shiny treasures, labels and vessels. Beauty everywhere.





Studio E174 at Commercial Square, open again this weekend, the final Open Studios weekend at Commercial Square.






On Sunday afternoons, at 3pm, E174 are offering free workshops to the curious.









Find them in Block A on the first floor.




Find them on Facebook here