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Framing Rapido

Framed Painting Tablet

Framed Painting Tablet

Guest post from Taragh Bissett

Last year I took part in a painting competition – Pintar Rapido. Hundreds of artists take to the streets of Kensington and Chelsea on Saturday morning to paint.  We deliver our paintings to Chelsea Town Hall the same evening. Our paintings are hung for an exhibition the next day. One of the challenges is to frame the work in the process.

“How can I paint in a way that’s easy to frame really quickly and inexpensively?” I asked Nicola of The Curious Room. We discussed the best approach and this week Nicola surprised me with two framed painting tablet kits.
“You’ll be able to frame your work in just a few minutes” she said. I loved them.

The painting surface is made of museum board. This is an acid-free extra heavyweight board that can be primed. The frame is a minimal panel style frame made of natural ash. This is FSC certified so comes from responsibly managed forests.

Once the painting is dry, I simply peel away a protective layer on the self adhesive back board and drop the painting onto the board and apply pressure to stick it firmly. The back of the frame has fittings already in place designed to make the painting hang perfectly without tilting. All done.

Nicola told me I can swap the museum board for the same size watercolour board if I’d prefer, or even swap it for paper and glass with glass clips.

I’m excited to be painting and framing tomorrow, and I have a feeling I will be back to The Curious Room asking for more. 19th and 20th July 2014