The Curious Room was conceived by Nicola Rowsell.

Here’s what Nicola has to say:

“I have extensive experience of frame design and production. Working as both an artist and a frame designer, I’ve seen artists struggle to make good choices about framing especially when working with galleries. I set The Curious Room up to address this. I want artists to feel totally supported and able to work to their budget therefore I’ve started testing some artists’ framing kits. These should enable artists to frame their work effectively and feel confident about selling work on consignment.”

The Curious Room workshop and Nicola’s personal studio is situated in the former furniture factories at Commercial Square in High Wycombe. The old factories are full of artists and makers. There are project spaces, galleries, silversmithing & metalwork workshops and open studio events taking place throughout the year. You can find out more about the artists’ studios here.