Book Illustration For Budding Illustrators

A recent invitation to show my work to illustration degree students has prompted me to share my past book illustration work, techniques and process here.

Below I have shared the different stages of each artwork for my Angela Carter book illustrations and book jacket work. The work was first developed from characters drawn and textures made in my sketchbooks. Using collage, a light tablet and an inkjet printer, I developed the characters in scenes, layer by layer until I was happy with the finished piece.

I formatted the finished artwork files to the Folio Society competition brief specifications using my scanner and iMac. My scanner is amazing. It has outlasted my iMac and inkjet printer.

Through drawing, collage, frottage and inkjet printing I was able to create handmade layers and play with focus. I would often shift the layer registrations and double up transparent layers to make drawn areas look a bit wrong and out of focus. By building layers of tracing paper, I was able to ‘veil’ areas to push them back. I would whiteout other parts of drawings to pull them forwards. Whitening areas out also created clear areas so that, when all layers were sandwiched together and inkjet printed the coloured inkjet paper showed through from the bottom to the top layer showing areas of bright colour.

Book and book jacket cover illustrations by Nicola Rowsell

The Bloody Chamber & Other Stories by Angela Carter


The Company of Wolves by Angela Carter

Puss in Boots by Angela Carter

The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter


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