The Super Power of Story – Cookham Primary School Art Week

I am excited to be invited back to Cookham Primary School for their Art Week beginning on Monday 15th of January. I’m delighted that the staff have made some space available for me to set up a pop-up studio.

My brief was to present an idea for an art week and artist residency that would combine Cookham village, art and ideally, current National Curriculum topics like nature, the environment, flight and space travel.  We begin the project with a morning assembly on Wednesday 10th January where I present the following scenario:

The Day The River Disappeared

At first, The Day the River Disappeared seemed like an ordinary day in Cookham village. The children ate their breakfast, packed their bags and walked along the river to school.

They soon realised that this was no ordinary day. No, this was an extraordinary day.

The river had disappeared!

At first, these children seemed like ordinary children. They do ordinary things like eat their breakfast, pack their bags and walk along the river to school.

The villagers soon realised these were not ordinary children. No, these were extraordinary children. These children were SuperHeroes! Some were SuperVillians. Some were both! And these children used all their SuperPowers and SuperMachines to fill the river bed with water, bringing the river back to Cookham.

Things to think about:

When the river disappeared, what else disappeared?

Where did the river water go? Was it stolen?

Are you a goodie (SuperHero) or a baddie (SuperVillian) or are you both?

What are your SuperPowers? How will you use them?

How will you travel? Can you invent a machine?

What does your SuperHero/SuperVillian costume look like?

How will you find water? How will you collect it? How will you put the river back?

Okay. So. SuperHeroes and SuperVillians you have lots to do!

The Day The River Disappeared






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