Waiting for the Snow. Brrr….

I love to paint outside in the snow. I’m hoping and waiting.

Here’s a few paintings I made the last time it snowed.

Paintings by Nicola Rowsell


  1. Jeff Toach says:

    I hope we get some snow , if it means we can get to see more of your great paintings.The second painting, makes me feel cold just looking at it. Im surprised you could work out there. I love the colour balance on the third one, and the speed ( it looks like ) it was painted. Its a shame your not over in the USA, for their big snow storm. Im sure you would be on the News, as the Mad English Woman ,out Painting in the Snow.

  2. Nicola says:

    Ha! Thank you Jeff. Mad English Woman. I like that.
    Spring is here and I will be out and about with paints as soon as possible.

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