The Beautiful, the Quirky & the Turkey

This time of year reminds me of the time I spent sketching turkeys at Copas Turkey Farm.

I had driven past this huge farm in Cookham for several years noticing the arrival of thousands of turkeys and watching them litter the fields, peppering the landscape as far as I could see.

I’d planned to draw them only to drive past again and too late, all gone and no doubt, devoured.

The turkeys were incredibly curious, following me in huge gangs. Where I went, they went, yodeling at me through the fence. They were friendly creatures, not afraid of me or the men moving between them.

Here and there, a few magnificent males stood out with their strange, repulsive skin hanging over one side of their beaks. Their feathers and tail fan feathers were impressive. Turkeys are beautiful.

As I sketched, I came to an area where the turkeys were being herded gently into a large box.  They were transported towards the farm house where the farm slaughterhouse was situated.

The Christmas turkey’s life is a short one but I was left with the idea that these birds had a good, free range life.






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